About Our Company

Established in July 2019, Learn Link Consultancy is your go-to consulting company exclusively focused on Japan. We're here to make Japan accessible by providing insights into its history, culture, and regulations.
At Learn Link Consultancy, we specialize in visa counseling. Whether it's a "Student Visa," "Working Visa," "Training Visa," or the detailed "Specified Skilled Worker" Visa, we simplify the process with clear information and precise documentation assistance.
Our commitment is to deliver quality services, ensuring your journey to Japan is smooth and well-informed. Whether you're studying, working, or training, choose Learn Link Consultancy for a hassle-free visa experience tailored to your needs.


Years Experience in Consultancy

  • Japan Training Program
  • Japan Course Program
  • Study Program
  • SSW Program
Learn Link Consultancy

Mission, Experience & Vision

Our Mission

At Learn Link Consultancy, our mission is simple: to be your trusted guide to Japan. We simplify Japan's intricacies and specialize in hassle-free visa services. Our commitment is to provide clear guidance and quality service, ensuring your journey to education, work, or training in Japan is smooth and stress-free. Choose Learn Link Consultancy for an expertly guided adventure to Japan.

Our Experience

With years of dedicated service, Learn Link Consultancy simplifies Japan for you. We've successfully guided individuals through culture, history, and visa processes. As your trusted companion, we take pride in turning dreams of studying, working, or training in Japan into simple and rewarding journeys. Choose Learn Link Consultancy for a straightforward and personalized Japan adventure.

Our Vision

At Learn Link Consultancy, we see a future where your dream of Japan becomes a reality. Our vision is to simplify Japan's intricacies, connecting your aspirations to concrete opportunities. Through expert guidance, we aim to empower you to achieve your goals—whether it's education, work, or personal growth—in the Land of the Rising Sun. Learn Link Consultancy is here to make your dreams of Japan a simple, achievable reality.


Expertise You
Can Trust

Our expert team transforms challenges into solutions, ensuring results that speak for themselves.


Words from Student

“ I can't express how grateful I am to Learn Link Consultancy. Their guidance made my dream of studying in Japan a reality. From visa application to cultural insights, they ensured every step was smooth. Now, I'm immersed in the beauty of Japan's education system, all thanks to Learn Link Consultancy.



“ Learn Link Consultancy exceeded my expectations. Navigating the complexities of a working visa seemed daunting, but their team made it seem like a breeze. Today, I'm working in Japan, and I owe it all to the expert advice and support I received from Learn Link Consultancy.



“ Learn Link Consultancy turned my passion for Japanese language into a reality. Their detailed guidance on the student visa process and language courses was exceptional. I am now confidently navigating Japan, learning the language, all thanks to the excellent support from Learn Link Consultancy.



“ Rojan Sir at Learn Link Consultancy provided top-notch guidance. His expertise in helping me with the Specified Skilled Worker Visa made the process stress-free. I'm thriving in my career in Japan, all thanks to Rojan Sir and the team!



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